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A flight of stairs

The original conclusion to my book Research Practice, featuring Ian Mackaye, Matt Gallivan, and Leisa Reichelt

Changing my mind about research practices

Just when I think I've got a handle on user research, I'm forced to revisit my decisions

Publishing Research Practice

The complete guide to how I published my book, from loose idea through the messy middle to getting it done

Why I love UX research

I found my tribe: a love letter to user research

What research looks like now

I was profiled by dscout's People Nerds

Why organizations hire user researchers

An excerpt from my book Research Practice on why orgs hire researchers

The best place to get started

In this excerpt from my book Research Practice, Janine Coover shares the benefits of working in an agency or consultancy

Considering a UX research opportunity

I talk about some of the many things to consider in deciding on a job in this excerpt from my book Research Practice

December book update

My book is coming out!

Research on your terms

I wrote about Signal's unique approach to research for the Signal Messenger blog

The ultimate guide to UX research

I contributed to Maze.design's "Ultimate guide to UX research"

5 effective UX research tools that the experts use

For Adobe XD Ideas, I shared my approach to UX research tooling

User research methods: 13 expert tips to master the process

For the Shopify Partners blog, I shared some practical tips to get the most out of UX research

Tips for a rapid transition to remote research

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, I shared tips that have worked for me as a remote researcher

On hiring: The cover letter filter

I am a firm proponent of the cover letter

The journalism + user research relationship

On the Vox Product blog, I tackle the journalism and user research relationship

Dial in the feedback

A quick note on survey scales

User research methods, explained briefly

A tongue in cheek explanation of user research

Facebook's News Trustworthiness Survey

For The Verge I wrote about Facebook's news trustworthiness survey

Stop Pretending

Don't talk to the wrong people!

Scope and Scale

Sometimes a research direction is enough

The Field Means Proximity

There's nothing like getting close to your participants

The Field Test

I offered thoughts on what you learn about a product research team in the field for the Field Study Handbook on Medium

UX Research Templates

How I share findings with my org

Ambient Research

On the Vox Product blog, I describe how I create an ambient awareness of user and product research

Capture the Context

For the Optimal Workshop blog, I explain that there’s so much more to interviews than asking and answering

Research Resources

My go-to user research books & articles

Before You Even Open Your Mouth

I contributed a chapter on reading the wider environment for Optimal Workshop

Listen Hard

How I incorporate the voice-relational analysis method

Everything is Important

Everything is important, until proven otherwise

Stars, Ships, and Expectations

What appears in the flagship is not guaranteed to you

Android: Future Perfect, Present Fractured

Android is a loose collection of disparate experiences unified under an empty moniker

Collaboration Experience

For UX Magazine I wrote about how a shared company espresso machine is just one way to create a collaborative atmosphere that gets vital information flowing across teams

Terms and Conditions: A Snapshot of Confusion

For UX Magazine I wrote about how terms and conditions should be clear enough that users know, among other things, who their ham sandwich photos belong to