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Two ambitious paths

For Learners, I differentiate the thoughtful and strategic path toward getting research on your executive leadership team’s radar from the treacherous path that will lead to confusion, bad vibes, and hurt feelings

Can research ever come to an end?

Optimize for more decisions, not infinite research

There is no one way to do UX research

We're all navigating our own paths

On transitioning from design to research

Break the research process into a series of smaller experiences to design for your participants and colleagues

Things I repeat often enough about surveys that it was time to write them down

I’ve developed strong opinions about how to build surveys that yield useful information while prioritizing the user experience

This is where the hammer goes

Easy isn’t always effective. By being thoughtful and intentional, we design experiences that lead to better outcomes

Just enough direct reports

The work of UX research is complex, and oversight of that work is a commitment. As a research manager, you must afford time and space to talk through project plans with your directs, and you must also dedicate time to review the evolving plans and documentation created by everyone on your team. There’s no shortcut: the buck stops with you

Moving from journalism to user research

Though the exact methods differ, the approaches of user researchers and journalists are similar: be curious, do your homework, talk to the right people, analyze what you’ve learned, and present it back

Dealing with disrespectful research participants

Encountering an aggressive or disrespectful participant is no doubt uncomfortable. For the Learners community, I shared tips on both how to avoid that situation and what to do if it happens to you

The coaching tree

Managing a team is so much more than setting goals and managing tasks. It’s a commitment to a person and an investment in their growth. While a workplace might be the genesis of a relationship, that relationship should endure far beyond a role or organization

He gets on base

I went heads down 18 months ago to focus on my work and my team. Since then I've come up with a plan to find balance going forward

Grow your impact, then your team

I expanded on a video for the Learners community to explain why hiring is your last resort

Where should research report in an organization?

For the Learners community, I attempted to answer where I think research should report in an organization

A flight of stairs

The original conclusion to my book Research Practice, featuring Ian Mackaye, Matt Gallivan, and Leisa Reichelt

Changing my mind about research practices

Just when I think I've got a handle on user research, I'm forced to revisit my decisions

Why I love UX research

I found my tribe: a love letter to user research

Why organizations hire user researchers

An excerpt from my book Research Practice on why orgs hire researchers

Considering a UX research opportunity

I talk about some of the many things to consider in deciding on a job in this excerpt from my book Research Practice

The ultimate guide to UX research

I contributed to Maze.design's "Ultimate guide to UX research"

5 effective UX research tools that the experts use

For Adobe XD Ideas, I shared my approach to UX research tooling

User research methods: 13 expert tips to master the process

For the Shopify Partners blog, I shared some practical tips to get the most out of UX research

Tips for a rapid transition to remote research

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, I shared tips that have worked for me as a remote researcher

Reading sports taught me to write

Tracing my path to writing

On hiring: The cover letter filter

I am a firm proponent of the cover letter

The journalism + user research relationship

On the Vox Product blog, I tackle the journalism and user research relationship

Beta blocker band

My prescription for public speaking

My current writing process

How I'm writing my book

Dial in the feedback

A quick note on survey scales

User research methods, explained briefly

A tongue in cheek explanation of user research

Spread the good news

Workplace feedback rules of thumb

Facebook's News Trustworthiness Survey

For The Verge I wrote about Facebook's news trustworthiness survey

Stop Pretending

Don't talk to the wrong people!

Scope and Scale

Sometimes a research direction is enough

The Field Means Proximity

There's nothing like getting close to your participants

Make Stability a Priority

No surprises in your org should be the bare minimum

The Field Test

I offered thoughts on what you learn about a product research team in the field for the Field Study Handbook on Medium

UX Research Templates

How I share findings with my org

The Parts Bin

Some notes on my way of cataloging ideas & inputs

Before You Even Open Your Mouth

I contributed a chapter on reading the wider environment for Optimal Workshop

Listen Hard

How I incorporate the voice-relational analysis method

Everything is Important

Everything is important, until proven otherwise

Stars, Ships, and Expectations

What appears in the flagship is not guaranteed to you

Android: Future Perfect, Present Fractured

Android is a loose collection of disparate experiences unified under an empty moniker

Imperfection Scales

When the promise of a great experience is undermined by small imperfections, the experience—and our trust—erodes

Radicalizing Data

We’ve radicalized our data, allowing it to dictate direction and scope