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Hello! I’m Gregg.

I'm a user experience research leader and author of Research Practice. This site is where I work through ideas and share what I’ve learned. Questions? Get in touch!

How To Create UX Personas

For UX Mastery I shared how to conduct a persona analysis in a short animated video

Imperfection Scales

When the promise of a great experience is undermined by small imperfections, the experience—and our trust—erodes

Radicalizing Data

We’ve radicalized our data, allowing it to dictate direction and scope

How We Collaborate on MailChimp’s UX Newsletter

For the Mailchimp blog, I detailed the workflow our UX team developed to ship our team's biweekly newsletter

Mailchimp User Persona Research

For the Mailchimp blog, I detailed how we [used personas to develop a clear understanding of our customers