Research Practice

Research Practice: User Research for Product Orgs

Coming in 2019: An opinionated guide to the practice of user research from someone who’s developed practices, built teams, and shipped products.

From the author:

Think of this as a personal book with business lessons, and a business book of personal stories. I’m not going to tell you how to conduct an interview, or how to synthesize findings—great books already cover those aspects of user research.

What this book offers is context around the practice of user research. I’ll share stories about how big research operations started with simple acts of curiosity, and I’ll walk through some projects and experiences that shaped my approach to building awareness and adoption of research practices.

Here’s how the chapters are shaping up:

Who is this for?

This book assumes you work with colleagues at an organization. My experience is with software teams, but based on my interviews, presentations, and workshops, the advice and practices here apply to a wide range of industries and organizations.

If you’re:

… then this book might be for you.

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