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Reading sports taught me to write

There’s an episode of Seinfeld wherein George somehow lands a job with a publishing house. In a conversation with his boss, George is asked who he reads. After a beat,...

On hiring: The cover letter filter

Hiring is hard: job descriptions are tricky to write; applications take time to screen and evaluate; and interviews afford limited space to ask and answer essential questions. Even with the...

The journalism + user research relationship

For the Vox Product blog

On the Vox Product blog, I tackle the journalism and user research relationship, with an assist from’s Susannah Locke. …while the roles differ, they inform one another and offer...

Beta blocker band

A prescription for public speaking

I was in front of the entire company, and my mind was completely blank. Everyone was staring at me, including the company founders and the chief operating officer, who were...

My current writing process

How I'm approaching my book

I’m writing a book about product research, and I update folks about it via a newsletter. In a recent issue, I shared some of my process, as well as my...