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User research methods, explained briefly

This made the rounds on Twitter recently, so I thought I’d give it a proper home: Popular user research methods, explained briefly.— Gregg Bernstein (@greggcorp) April 25, 2018 The...

Spread the good news

Some workplace feedback rules of thumb: I shared these workplace rules of thumb the other day, and wanted to expand on them a bit here. Some workplace feedback rules of...

Facebook's News Trustworthiness Survey

For The Verge

For The Verge, I wrote about Facebook’s news trustworthiness survey. While its brevity is gaining attention, the real issue with the Facebook survey is poor editing: For their paean to...

Stop Pretending

Seek evidence, not aspirations

If you’re asking participants to guess, predict, hypothesize, or anticipate either their future behavior or that of a friend, you’re not researching. You’re pretending. Be it an interview or a...

Scope and Scale

Sometimes a research direction is enough

As a kid, I used to be fascinated by nearby houses obscured by foliage and fences. Or the long driveways that disappeared into the distance. Where did they go? What...