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Researcher & educator
Author of Research Practice
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Why I love UX research

I love user research. I love that every project is different—that we as user researchers incorporate numerous methodologies, work with a variety of colleagues, study a spectrum of individuals and topics, and produce wildly interesting findings that influence people, products, and organizations. I love user research because the community of user researchers is as interesting as the work we produce....

What research looks like now

For dscout's People Nerds

I think a People Nerds profile means I’ve finally arrived in UX research. It’s one of my favorite publications for learning about other researchers and picking up different ways of working. I’m honored to be included. I help people make smarter decisions. And, to me, that’s the value of user research—having an expert who can help you make better decisions,...

Why organizations hire user researchers

An excerpt from Research Practice

I was hired into my last two roles because designers and product managers had more questions than time to answer them. The products became complex, the number of users grew, the risk of making the wrong decisions increased, and the list of work to be done never seemed to diminish. Something had to give, and I was hired to provide...

The best place to get started

An excerpt from Research Practice

From a conversation with Janine Coover Working in a consultancy or agency is a great place for a new design researcher to get started, primarily because you have a number of different clients, different kinds of challenges, and different team makeups. Oftentimes you have people that you’re working with on your team who have a variety of past experiences with...

Considering a UX research opportunity

An excerpt from Research Practice

Whether you’re graduating from academia to applied practice, or transitioning from one job to another, evaluating a new role is a tough decision. If you’re in a position to choose between different roles, don’t take that for granted. Your skills are in demand and you can be selective. Even if you’re only talking with one company, you’ll need to tease...