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This is where the hammer goes

Easy isn’t always effective. By being thoughtful and intentional, we design experiences that lead to better outcomes

Just enough direct reports

The work of UX research is complex, and oversight of that work is a commitment. As a research manager, you must afford time and space to talk through project plans with your directs, and you must also dedicate time to review the evolving plans and documentation created by everyone on your team. There’s no shortcut: the buck stops with you

The coaching tree

Managing a team is so much more than setting goals and managing tasks. It’s a commitment to a person and an investment in their growth. While a workplace might be the genesis of a relationship, that relationship should endure far beyond a role or organization

On hiring: The cover letter filter

I am a firm proponent of the cover letter

Spread the good news

Workplace feedback rules of thumb

Make Stability a Priority

No surprises in your org should be the bare minimum