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Proposed redesign: Step 1 We all click “I Agree,” but to what are we agreeing? Nearly every software vendor uses some form of the click-through agreement, or CTA, as part of the installation process. Yet this important and contractually binding information is presented in an unreadable, unusable, and unintuitive format.

As part of my MFA Thesis project at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I explored the state of the CTA, the information it contains, and how it may be presented in a readable, comprehensible manner through the application of graphic design and user experience.

These slides demonstrate a proposed redesign of legal agreements modeled after the Apple iTunes CTA, presented at bottom.

Please find the research behind this project in my original thesis. Additionally, read more about this project at Fast Company.

Proposed redesign: Step 2 Proposed redesign: Step 3 Proposed redesign: Step 4 Proposed redesign: Step 5 Proposed redesign: Step 6 Original Apple terms of service agreement