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Ambient Research

For the Vox Product blog

On the Vox Product blog, I describe how I create an ambient awareness of user and product research across my product team by sharing everything, everywhere—repeatedly and redundantly. By showing...

Capture the Context

For the Optimal Workshop blog

On the Optimal Workshop blog, I explain that there’s so much more to interviews than asking and answering in Capture the Context. Stories convey so much. The best stories contain...

The Parts Bin

A way of cataloging ideas & inputs

Sometimes you propose something to your colleagues, but it’s not met with much enthusiasm. Sometimes a good design isn’t quite good enough. And sometimes a great idea works well on...

Research Resources

My go-to books & articles

I’m often asked my favorite research resources, so I’ve put together a very brief list of go-to books and articles. These are suitable for researchers, designers, or product managers of...

Before You Even Open Your Mouth

For Optimal Workshop

For Optimal Workshop’s ebook How to conduct great user interviews I contributed a chapter on reading the wider environment around your research focus. The sights and sounds you capture add...