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Research on your terms

For the Signal Messenger blog

Over on the Signal blog, I wrote about how we’re gingerly approaching UX research in the absence of data: Software companies typically overflow with data that explains the past and forecasts possible futures. They know exactly who is doing what with their products, how often, and where. While an abundance of data can contribute to their product and user experience...

The ultimate guide to UX research


I contributed to’s “Ultimate guide to UX research:” Because my approach to research is grounded in flexibility, I don’t necessarily adhere to a framework so much as a devotion to providing information that helps everyone make better decisions, using whatever user research methods of gathering and sharing information that support that mission. Read the entire post at

5 effective UX research tools that the experts use

For Adobe XD Ideas

For Adobe XD Ideas, I shared my approach to UX research tooling: People are creatures of habit — your colleagues included. To make research visible and accessible, keep as much of the research process within their current technological ecosystem. Whether your org uses Slack and Google Drive, or Basecamp and Zoom, there you go: that’s your research toolbox. After six...

User research methods: 13 expert tips to master the process

For the Shopify blog

For the Shopify Partners blog, I shared some of my favorite practical tips to get the most out of UX research: start with support, and don’t let the absence of data or budget block you from speaking to users or customers. … a support team is, without fail, the best place to start any research project. Cultivate a relationship with...

Tips for a rapid transition to remote research

When the spread of Covid-19 introduced many folks to remote research, I quickly compiled and shared a few of the practices and tips that have worked for me as a remote researcher and research director. I've conducted research and managed research teams remotely for years. It takes discipline, intentionality, and thoughtfulness. With recent events introducing many folks to remote research,...