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Spread the good news

Some workplace feedback rules of thumb: I shared these workplace rules of thumb the other day, and wanted to expand on them a bit here. Some workplace feedback rules of...

Facebook's News Trustworthiness Survey

For The Verge

For The Verge, I wrote about Facebook’s news trustworthiness survey. While its brevity is gaining attention, the real issue with the Facebook survey is poor editing: For their paean to...

Stop Pretending

Seek evidence, not aspirations

If you’re asking participants to guess, predict, hypothesize, or anticipate either their future behavior or that of a friend, you’re not researching. You’re pretending. Be it an interview or a...

Scope and Scale

Sometimes a research direction is enough

As a kid, I used to be fascinated by nearby houses obscured by foliage and fences. Or the long driveways that disappeared into the distance. Where did they go? What...

The Field Means Proximity

In my role as a researcher on a product team, I spend a lot of time talking to users. It’s always a worthy endeavor—I get to learn about workflows, habits,...